A Message to Prospective Members:

Whether you are new to Cobb County, Georgia or entering a new stage in life and looking for something exciting to do, Newcomers of Cobb County, a women's social club, offers an open door to making new friends and finding activities you will enjoy.

Would you like to roll some Bunco dice? Catch an afternoon movie with Chick Flicks? Try the Flying Solo group for those living alone? Discuss a book? Explore new restaurants? Taste new wines? Play Mah Jongg, Mexican Train Dominoes, Canasta or Bridge? Play Golf ? Walk and Talk? Go to a Saturday Game Night? Sit and Stitch? Enjoy a cup of coffee with new friends? If so, our Newcomers Club has lots to offer.

We want to meet you! Monthly General Meetings are scheduled on the third Tuesday of the month from September through May. We meet at 10am at John Knox Presbyterian Church.

You may participate in our Activity Groups on a one month trial basis as a prospective member. Come check us out! Then if you wish to continue, complete our membership application form and waiver. Please complete our membership application form and waiver.

Our annual fee is $25 for June 1 through May 31. We have plenty of great activities and friendly folks, so the fee is absolutely worth it.

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About Us

The Newcomer's Club of Cobb County is a women's social club that provides a friendly atmosphere and a wide variety of member-run activities. Meet new friends and get adjusted to a new place or a new time in your life, as promoting friendship is our goal. We also support our community through our “Newcomers Helping Others” program. Each month we collect needed items for a wide variety of charities.

Our Newcomer’s Club has activities every week of the month. We put out a monthly newsletter that describes the on-going, seasonal and special activities and the coordinators of each. You may participate in as many activities that you wish.